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Innovations in Ceramic Art

Countdown to Innovations

With less than two weeks to go before Innovations in Ceramic Art opens at the Guildhall in Cambridge the team at Online Ceramics are extra busy trying to spread the word as widely as possible to create awareness for the new show. “I’d like it to become as well known and respected as the Affordable […]

Chris Keenan tenmoku bowl

Chris Keenan porcelain

On our way to Chris Keenan’s studio in south London, we stopped off at the Guildhall Cambridge to measure the halls for a second time, just to make sure there was enough room for all the artists taking part in Innovations in Ceramic Art on 10 & 11 October. Whilst in Cambridge we took the […]

Eddie Curtis holding 'girder' vessel

New additions

New work by both Eddie Curtis and Ruth King has now been added to the Online Ceramics Gallery. We now have 13 pieces by Eddie Curtis. We are particularly pleased with the ‘Girder’ vessel. We love the way the celadon green glaze abuts and runs over the snow white shino. Eddie is a master at […]

John Pollex slipware

Showcase in Peterborough

Art in the Heart is a Peterborough gallery that specialises in work by local artists. Online Ceramics is please to announce that they now have a showcase in the gallery featuring work by four Online Ceramic artists. Peter Ward, Online Ceramics owner said, ‘This opportunity came about because Art in the Heart makes it a […]

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