New work by Tony Laverick now available

What makes Tony Laverick’s work so successful are his strong forms combined with layers of decorating. The smooth black porcelain body provides the surface glazes and lustres with a greater depth of richness than traditional white porcelain.

Tony Laverick holding large pot
Tony Laverick holding large pot

Peter Ward, owner of Online Ceramics said; ‘On my most recent visit to Tony Laverick’s studio I was pleased to see Tony had been experimenting with forms and had produced some striking shapes. The way Tony applies layers of decoration enables the viewer to discover little explosions of pleasure that they might not have seen on first sight.’

Peter went on to say; ‘What makes Tony‘s work great is the way he decorates his work, each pot can look totally different depending on which side is being viewed. That makes Tony‘s work exceptionally good value, because you get three pots in one!’

Whilst with Tony, Peter chose 10 new vessels that are now available to view at the Online Ceramics website.